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Our pizza menu is offered to go 6 days a week, Tuesday through Sunday from 11am to 9pm. 

When calling in please have your credit card ready, thank you!

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Our Pizza Menu

The following information will help you find the best pizza pie for you! 

If you'd like to know about our philosophy and how we make our pizzas please visit our Food & Drinks page.

Vegan Info

We carry vegan dough, gluten free pizza crust & non-dairy cheese.


Substitute any sauce, any one meat or any one veggie (not both), on any pizza or calzone free of charge.

Allergy Info

All pizzas and calzones are finished with herbs & brushed with garlic infused olive oil.

Oil contains trace amounts of milk, ranch and/or tomato products.

Pesto sauce does NOT contain pine nuts or any nuts at all. Pesto does contain milk.

Add Additional Toppings

Small @ $1.5

Medium @ $2.5

Large @ $3

XL @ $4

Half & Half's

Medium @ $22

Large @ $28

XL @ $38


Red Sauce Specialties

White Sauce Specialties

Veggie Specialties

Nonie's Pleasure

Artichoke hearts & extra mozzarella 

sprinkled with crumbled blue cheese.

Sm 8 Md 18 Lg 24 XL 30

Rocca's Favorite

A mound of fresh baby spinach topped with tomato slices, garlic & mozzarella.

Sm 8 Md 18 Lg 24 XL 30

Aunti I's Veggie Delight

Tomato slices, mushrooms, red onions, green peppers, olives, garlic & 


Sm 10 Md 22 Lg 28 XL 34

The Compost Heap

Spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, green peppers, red onions, artichoke hearts, 

olives, garlic & mozzarella. Topped with feta cheese.

Sm 12 Md 24 Lg 32 XL 38

The Pesto Caprese Pie

A pesto sauce pizza topped with sliced tomatoes, garlic & mozzarella. Finished with herbs & a balsamic drizzle.

Sm 8 Md 16 Lg 22 XL 28

Unique Specialties

BBQ Chicken

Chicken breast, red onions, green 

scallions, mozzarella & Mamma's 

secret red sauce mixed & finished with Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce.

Sm 8 Md 20 Lg 26 XL 32

Aunt Laura's Putanesca

Salty anchovies, garlic, kalamata olives & mozzarella.

Sm 8 Md 20 Lg 26 XL 32

Ta Ta's Backyard Pesto Chicken

A pesto sauce pizza with chicken 

breast, mushrooms, red onions, 

blue cheese & mozzarella.

Sm 8 Md 20 Lg 26 XL 32

Build Your Own Pizza

Wood Fired, Cracker Crust, Deep Dish or Gluten Free

Crust & Size

Wood Fired

sauce, cheese & finish

Sm 5 Md 14

Deep Dish

sauce, cheese & finish

Md 20 Specialty 25

Cracker Crust

sauce, cheese & finish

Md 14 Lg 20 XL 25

Gluten Free

sauce, cheese & finish

Md 14 

Deep Dish Info

-45 minute cook time

-Only with red sauce

-Only as a medium

-Chicago style: sauce on top

Gluten Free Info

-Thick crust

-Not made in house

-Not vegan

-Safe for celiac  

BYO Topping Prices: Extra Cheese, Veggies & Meat

Small @ $1.5   Medium @ $2.5   Large @ $3   XL @ $4


red sauce


garlic ranch

bbq sauce

garlic infused olive oil

balsamic reduction


green peppers


red onions

white onions

green scallions

black olives


kalamata olives


cherry tomatoes

tomato slices

sun dried tomatoes



artichoke hearts

minced onions

whole clove garlic

jalapeño peppers 



ball mozzarella



blue cheese

monterey jack

vegan (sm  md  lg )






chicken breast

buffalo chicken

canadian bacon

crumbled bacon

italian roast beef @ $4.5

anchovies @ $3.5

Finish It

bbq swirl

garlic balsamic drizzle

Frank's Red Hot

pesto drizzle


garlic ranch

red sauce dollops


Huge Calzones